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Where to Find the Best Coffee in Alaska

We’re definitely coffee fiends up here in the Last Frontier.  Maybe it’s the weather. Alaska has no shortage of extremely cold days.  You add the long dark winter nights to the mix and it’s no wonder people up here could use a hot drink and some serious caffeine.  Here’s the good news though, the coffee culture of the Pacific Northwest seems to have migrated up to our part of the world in recent years. As much as we all enjoy firing up the Mr. Coffee on a frigid Alaska morning, nothing beats a truly well made cup of coffee.  Fortunately, we’ve been getting all kinds of high quality low fuss coffee shops in the last few years. If there’s one place that can appreciate and support a thriving coffee culture, it’s Alaska!

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Reuse Your Gray Water

An at-home gray water treatment plant can take wastewater and turn it into something usable again. There are steps that you can take to cut back on water waste that goes beyond getting a plumber in to fix a leaky faucet. With the right system in place, you can save money if you are one of the 90 million Americans that pay for their water. Of course, it is also an environmentally responsible thing to do.

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